Special Needs

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Services and support for our special needs community.

The offers special needs services in all of our schools in the form of specialized classes, modified curriculum, learning resources and access to professional evaluation and guidance through our Student Services Department. We also offer specialized schools where students can be referred by our team of professionals.


How can I get my child evaluated for support services?

In order to have the special education needs of a child met, there is an evaluation and referral process. This process depends on whether the child is being newly registered with the or if they are currently attending an school. Children can be evaluated for possible learning disabilities, social maladjustments or handicaps

Evaluation & Referral Process

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We have a variety of options to suit the diverse needs of our students. Students need to be referred by a professional in order to be placed in a specialized school or class, however, you can use our school search tool to learn more.

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How do I register my child for school?

The registration process for special needs students is consistent with the process for the entire community.  If the student about to be enrolled has had any previous special education intervention and/or has been diagnosed by a professional(s) as having special needs, the parent is strongly encouraged to share this information with the school principal upon registration.

A student may qualify for a special exception from compulsory French language instruction if they have been identified as having special needs. 


Our special needs programs & services

The has special needs programs for Youth and Adults. These programs exist to complement the Special Needs Support offered by the Student Services Department of the . 

Self-Contained Classes & Programs Specialized Services

Inspirations Newspaper

Inspirations is a snapshot of our special needs community sharing the challenges and accomplishments of children and adults with special needs, encouraging them to reach their full potential. We share relevant and timely news, informing parents, caregivers and teachers about reliable educational and therapeutic services in our communities while fostering acceptance and inclusion. This is a non-profit, bi-yearly English-language newspaper with increasing French-language content.

Visit the Inspirations Website

Advisory Committee on Special Education Services (ACSES)

The primary function of ACSES is to advise the school board on policy and allocation of financial resources for the organization of educational services to students with physical or learning disabilities, social maladjustments and other difficulties which require special needs.

ACSES Committee